Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting

Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting

Flexible tailored support for your organisation – from backup support to complete outsourcing of bookkeeping and financial management

The bookkeeping role is probably the most unpopular recurring role within an association.

I can provide you with flexible support to improve the process. This support can range from completely outsourcing the bookkeeping function to me through to being a backup resource when confronted with unusual circumstances.

The type of support can vary from time to time. For instance, there may be occasions when the volunteer or staff member doing the bookkeeping leaves the organisation or goes on leave.

Review and implement the optimal accounting systems and platform for your organisation

I can review your accounting systems to see to what extent they can be streamlined and produce the reports that will help you and your committee can make informed decisions. This is at the same time that accountability is maintained and the risk of fraud is minimised.

I can advise you on the accounting platform that best meets your requirements and set up the systems for that platform. For example, an organisation with fewer than five staff and not a lot of invoicing would probably be best suited using the free version of Zoho Books (up to $50,000 per annum revenue) while a larger organisation with more than five staff would be better suited using a platform such as Xero or MYOB which are subscription cloud accounting services. These cloud-based platforms enable information to be shared remotely with nominated committee members and the auditor remotely.

I will configure the selected accounting platform to optimise its use for your organisation.

Flexible tailored training for your organisation

I can also provide training to members of your team so they can efficiently use your chosen accounting platform. The training will vary with the extent to which the team want to use the accounting system themselves or the extent to which you want to outsource the bookkeeping work.

Improve meaningful financial reporting

I can help you improve the effectiveness of financial reports to management and the committee or board. Avoid the trap of being swamped in meaningless detail and focus on how the finances are helping the organisation achieve its strategic goals.

I recommend reporting that focuses on the future rather than the past and makes a distinction between permanent variations to forecasts and mere timing variations.

Easier to recruit volunteer committee members

Your organisation will be in a better position to recruit volunteers to its board or committee including as an honorary treasurer. This is because they will be able to be assured the support systems are in place and administrative duties will not be a drain on their time.