Volunteer Management

Volunteer management involves:

  • recruiting volunteers to your contact database;
  • recruit and roster volunteers for specific task s and events;
  • recruiting volunteers as committee members and office bearers. This includes succession planning for those positions;
  • ensuring the volunteers best suit the positions being filled;
  • induction and training of volunteers;
  • OH&S as it applies to volunteers;
  • communication with volunteers;
  • engagement and motivation of volunteers;
  • volunteer retention;
  • tracking volunteers activity so they have a record of the number of programs they have supported


Google Forms and Sheets is a simple, easy to use method of signing up volunteers for specific tasks. See www.google.com/nonprofits/resources/how-to-guide/manage-your-volunteers/

Volunteer Signup is an effective free tool for which is easy to use and has the benefit of indicating when the number of places for a particular role at a particular time is full so volunteers can see which positions are still available. Also, there is no login required. Volunteer Signup has been around for many years. VolunteerSignup.org began in Canmore, Alberta, Canada in 2010 to help recruit volunteers for Canmore Nordic Ski Club’s annual fall ski swap. See volunteersignup.org/

Mailchimp (free for up to 2,000 contacts), can be used as a newsletter communication tool for your volunteers as well keeping track of the events that volunteers have supported. This is done using the tagging system in Mailchimp. Each event can be a tag that can be imported into the Mailchimp database for your organisation. A volunteer can view their tags by accessing their profile using the Update Profile link in a recent newsletter addressed to them.