Fund Raising

Fund Raising Authorities

I can help you find your way through the maze of regulation for fundraising. Some activities require an authority or licence to fundraise. If you are required to have an authority you may also be required to lodge an annual return with the relevant state authority. This is in addition to your ACNC obligations.

The rules vary between states and can be subject to legislative change from time to time.

Finacial Management of Fund Raising

You need to ensure that all proceeds are accounted for in full. I can set up or review your existing systems to minimise the scope for loss. You also need to ensure that expenses are properly allocated against the fundraising project. This also goes to the timely and meaningful financial reporting of the fundraising project.

Using point of sale (POS) tools such as Square reduces the risk associated with cash and adds convenience for the customer.

If you are selling merchandise on an ongoing basis at events you should look at an inventory management system. Square offers a free and user-friendly software management system. If you are selling exclusively online then most of the e-commerce platforms come with an inventory management system.

Online Fund Raising

For various reasons, there is a trend towards online fundraising. I can help you with setting up fundraising projects on your website and/or social media.

Suggestions include online donations and raffles, football doubles and tipping competitions, merchandise sales, online silent auction, sponsors, online tombola, business directory, online Melbourne cup sweeps, online photographic or pet show, and many more.


I can help you with setting up and optimizing event booking online using platforms such as Hamantix, Trybooking or Woocommerce on a WordPress website. These platforms also can be used for bookings for virtual events. Humantix has some additional features that limit the scope for the link to the event to be shared with non-payers and gives limited access to additional materials for the event such as manuals.