I charge an hourly rate of $25 per hour including GST. You will be billed on the basis of the lower of the actual time spent to complete a task and the time reasonably required to complete the task. That way you are not be charged for inefficiency.

I am prepared to charge a fixed amount for specific tasks

If I cannot set a fixed fee then I will do my best to provide you with a realistic estimate.

Being a sole practitioner it is up to me to assess the circumstances of an organisation taken as a whole and agree on a lower fee amount then would otherwise be the case if my standard rate was applied.

You can log in and monitor the progress of your project and the time and costs incurred to date. So no surprises.

The initial consultation is free and is no obligation. This will help you get the necessary approvals from your board or management committee. Consultations can be by phone or video conferencing.

I can also train your volunteer treasurer or staff to use various online free or low-cost tools to further save costs and empower team members.

I am flexible with no fixed-term contracts and to vary the services provided based upon your organisation’s needs from time to time.